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I graduated in June 2015 with a B.ARCH, with minors in construction technology and digital fabrication. I am currently working at Shubin + Donaldson Architects in Santa Barbara, California.

My interests and specialties include architectural design, digital fabrication, parametric design, real property development, integrated project delivery, graphic design, technology, typography, photography, industrial design, travel, music, and film.

My work is rooted in a belief in legibility and integrity in design. The architecture should demonstrate the straightforward graceful ingenuity of the situational problem being solved. A high value is placed on attention to detail, techtonic and phenomenological understanding of material, and a sensitivity to the human relationship with space. I seek to produce work that is rigorous both in concept and in realization.

I am interested in the improvement and integration of the fields that make up architecture – in being the developer, designer, fabricator, and contractor. I hope to pursue the practice of architecture in a collaborative, innovative, and influential manner, and to express my passion for design by contributing a unique architectural perspective to the world."